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Web Marketing


More and more often, customers are using the web to search for new products and services. Without a carefully designed and implemented web marketing plan, you company could be missing out on significant revenue. Web marketing is more than just listing your business on an online directory; it can comprise a wide variety of elements, designed to ensure your business captures as many customers as possible. From pay-per-click ad campaigns to optimizing your website using carefully selected keywords, U WORTH IT can help develop a web marketing program that will maximize your exposure and bring in more customers.


Search Engine Optimization

Online search results are one of the primary sales drivers for consumers surfing the web today; if your website is not showing up regularly and prominently on the top search engines, chances are, your customers are not finding you. To ensure the best search engine results possible, your site needs to be optimized, using carefully chosen keywords strategically placed throughout the copy and in the underlying code that supports the web site. It also requires an understanding of how search engines operate. U WORTH IT SEO experts are trained in ensuring your site is ideally optimized to achieve the results you need to bring in new customers and remind existing customers that you’re ready to serve their needs.

Top 5 Reasons Why Your Business Needs Search Engine Optimization

ATTRACT CUSTOMERS WHO WANT TO BUY: SEO helps customers who WANT your goods and services find YOU, rather than the other way around. By optimizing your site to respond to searches, you are using your customer’s time to drive sales to your site.

BETTER THAN TRADITIONAL MARKETING: SEO has been shown to be about 60 percent more effective compared to traditional marketing efforts, and there are tools available to effectively monitor your SEO results.

INCREASE LOCAL SALES: Local search has grown by leaps and bounds; if you’re looking for customers in your area, SEO offers an incredibly effective way to position your business to attract more customers in your area, more quickly.

Studies have shown the SEO campaigns can offer a return on investment of 300 percent. In fact, a well-crafted SEO campaign is one of the most effective marketing tools your business can have today.

IMPROVE SEARCH RESULTS: SEO is the best single way to ensure your site is found, and found often, in web searches. If your site is NOT optimized, search engines will not be able to find it using their search algorithms, which means your website will not show up when customers search for products or services you offer.


Social Media Marketing

Social media marketing is one of the hottest forms of online marketing available today, but using it to a company’s best advantage takes skill and effort. Companies with a recognized presence on Facebook, Twitter and other sites can achieve remarkable results, using their social presence to keep customers informed about new products or services, offering contests and coupons, and providing a great way for customers to communicate about the company. With so many changes in the social marketing arena, you need an expert to keep your business on top. U WORTH IT offers the services your company needs to ensure it has a strong and vibrant social presence.


Top 5 Reasons Why You Need Social Media Marketing

BETTER THAN EMAIL: The Nielsen Company reports that on average, web surfers spend three times as much time reading social media sites as they do reading emails; that means your social media marketing has three times the chance and time for exposure as an average email message.

INCREASE SITE TRAFFIC: Nearly half of all businesses that use social media marketing report that using social media as a marketing tool significantly increased their website visits.

INCREASE SALES: More than 60 percent of companies who use social media marketing say it has increased the effectiveness of their overall marketing strategy.

Social media marketing is an excellent way to achieve and maintain a positive word-of-mouth reputation for your business.

KEEP IT CASUAL: Social media marketing allows you to expand on your company’s message, build its image and achieve more referrals by providing a less structured format that engages customers and encourages them to communicate with you and with others about your business’ products or services.


Email marketing

Emails are an excellent way to remind customers know you’re ready and waiting to serve their needs. Unlike a website, an email can change from week to week or month to month, offering updates on new goods or services and providing coupons or specials that will drive new sales to your site. Creating emails that will be read rather than thrown in the trash bin takes skill and finesses. U WORTH IT can help you develop the emails that will generate the best and most productive responses, ensuring your email marketing campaign gets the results you’re seeking.

Top 5 Reasons Why Your Business Needs an Email Marketing Campaign

MAKE IT MORE PERSONAL: Email marketing is a “personal touch” that allows your company to appear more invested in the happiness and satisfaction of their customers. A carefully crafted email can specifically address the issues your customers care most about, blurring the line between business and customer and increasing the level of customer loyalty.

OFFER DEALS TO DRIVE SALES: Email marketing is a great way to increase sales by offering coupons, sales and specials that will help drive customers to your business right now. And, by tracking the responses to your emails, you can determine which offers are most effective.

GO MOBILE: Emails can also be delivered to – and accessed by – mobile phone users, meaning your marketing message can be seen when it’s most convenient for the customer. Unlike snail mail which can seem bulky and intrusive, email comes to the customer when they want it.

CUSTOMIZE DELIVERY: Email offers a great way to send your complete message a little bit at a time. Your website offers a lot of information to customers. Individual email messages sent at specific times allows you to deliver your entire message, emphasizing it as you see fit, in smaller“bites” that are more easily absorbed by your customers.

CATER TO CUSTOMER INTERESTS: Email campaigns can be divided into different messages, based on the interests of your customers. By analyzing your customer base and their past spending habits, when available, you can
create different email messages based on what your customers are interested in. You can also offer customers “tips” or information based on their interests, making your emails seem more informational and less like marketing vehicles.